Rock Canyon

Rock Canyon: Travel & Re-Creation

Animal Hair and Craziness

I'm fully aware that I'm a little bit crazy, and you know, I'm ok with it. I've seen enough crazy to understand that we all of us have some small portion of it. These furry friends in our lives are like the hair they shed. It gets everywhere, and it makes you crazy. They get on our hearts and in our souls. They get into all the little cracks life, stuck and snuggled into each black corner.  They soften our shells of pain. It makes you crazy, and it heals you everywhere.

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The Origin

"...I had known Annalaura for five weeks. She was smart, funny, wildly independent, beautiful, and the first democrat Iā€™d ever met... I was smitten with this strong willed and earthy woman. I felt like Marco Polo: lost in an unexplored land, submerged in an alien culture, and always two seconds away from being in over my head..." 

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